The Roosevelt Ag Department offers many subjects of study for students. We offer horticulture, agricultural production, experience with live animals as well as various FFA contests and activities. The program offers both indoor and outdoor classroom components with hands on learning activities inside and out. Like the other programs at Roosevelt, the Ag department also offers an alternative to the traditional classroom in the world of plants, animals and leadership.

Business Education

Digital Design, TV Production and Robotics are all part of the Business Department. You can learn how to program robots, design a yearbook/desktop project while learning an Adobe product. You can also learn Premiere Pro to design and create a television documentary, commercial or news show. There are many options for you to choose from and learn marketable skills for the workplace.


Students utilize the school’s 5 commercial greenhouses to produce annuals, herbs, shrubs, trees and hanging baskets. The plants are sold to locally to retailers, landscape contractors and municipalities. Row crops produced in the market garden include: grape tomatoes, chili peppers, collards, onions, squash and cucumbers. The vegetables are sold at the Lake Wales Care Center. Grown without synthetic chemicals like pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, our program builds healthy soil using natural fertilizers and amendments like humic acid and seaweed. Students also provide landscaping services to local schools and businesses. Please visit the “Around campus” section of the website for more information.

Culinary Arts

Our Culinary Arts department offers a great way for students to discover through a hands-on approach the world of food. Students will learn about the health and nutrition aspects of food, how to properly and safely prepare basic dishes, and even how to work successfully in a commercial kitchen setting by training in our own student operated restaurant, the E Street Grille. Lots of actual kitchen time takes place so come prepared to learn, work, and eat!

Physical Education

The goal of The Roosevelt Physical Education Department is to promote physical fitness as fun. We also aim to teach students lessons that expand beyond the classroom such as accountability, teamwork and discipline.
Course Offerings
HOPE (Required High School Course)
Team Sports
Individual/Dual Sport
Outdoor Pursuits


The Construction Department offers real world construction experience through a hands on approach. It is our goal to help our students learn skills that will help them be successful in the work place. In the “Outdoor Furniture Company” our students produce a wide variety of outdoor furniture products that are sold throughout the year. Students also gain construction experience through projects in the community.