Behavior Management Program







Roosevelt Academy will follow the POLK COUNTY CODE OF CONDUCT FOR STUDENTS. The Code of Conduct will be distributed and reviewed with the students and the back page must be returned after the parent has reviewed and signed it.


  1. Behavior Management Program

Roosevelt Academy teachers and staff are trained in the use of the behavior management program. It is our goal to guarantee that all students have the appropriate learning environment. We believe that all staff and students are responsible for the choices they make related to their behavior. Each student will be taught the expected behaviors and the consequences for not following these expectations. These behavioral expectations will also be posted in each classroom.


The goal of the Behavior Management Program is for students to know and demonstrate appropriate employability skills. A student is eligible to earn Eagle Status when he/she has demonstrated the following exemplary behaviors for four (4) consecutive weeks:

  1. Earned at least 784 points
  2. No unexcused or excessive absences (5+ in four weeks unless an emergency)
  3. No bus referrals or school referrals resulting in a consequence of ISS or OSS.


Students who have earned Eagle Status will have the following privileges:

  1. Go to lunch (5) minutes early
  2. Eagle’s Landing privileges
  3. First choice for LAT
  4. Special field trips
  5. Other special privileges as made available by the principal.

If a student’s status changes because of points (below 784), he must begin a two week renewal process. If the status changes because of 10+ lunch detentions, or referrals that result in a major consequence he/she must begin a three week renewal period. OSS/Suspension requires a full 4 week renewal period.


  1. Students enter your class with 0 points and will earn points for appropriate behavior. WE DO NOT TAKE POINTS. Each student CAN EARN up to 100 points per period per day in the following areas which are worth 10 points each:
  1. Dress Code
  2. Punctual
  3. On-Task
  4. Prepared for Class
  5. Accepts Feedback
  6. Cooperates with Others
  7. Follows Classroom Rules
  8. Follows Directions
  9. Appropriate Use of Class Materials/Equipment
  10. Shows Initiative


Students who earn their points participate in Leisure Activity Time (LAT) on Fridays.

768 (senior high) or 752 (middle school) on their weekly point sheet. Students who do not earn the necessary points will serve a make-up session where they have an opportunity to discuss the points they earned and how they can make better choices that will lead to positive behaviors. Listed below are a few examples of Leisure Activities that are currently offered.


  • Karaoke / Dance
  • Lego Building
  • Outdoor Sports
  • Graphic Design
  • Model Building
  • TV production
  • Driver’s Ed Simulator lab
  • Archery
  • FFA
  • Board Games
  • Movie
  • Crafts