Application Process

Application Process

  1. Family fills out application via Roosevelt website or paper copy received from school office.
  2. Roosevelt Guidance pulls application and looks at student’s IEP (if ESE), Attendance, and Discipline Record. Current school/teachers may be called if there are questions or concerns.
  3. Administration and Guidance look at the applicants individually and then as a team.
  4. If it is agreed that the student looks like a possible candidate, guidance calls the parent and sets up a tour and interview on the designated “tour days”. If the student is not chosen to be a candidate, guidance calls the family to let them know why.
  5. Potential candidate and parents come to the school and tour the facilities with other candidates.
  6. Principal individually interviews parent and student after the tour, discussing expectations and concerns as well as answer questions. The Guidance Counselor and/or Behavior Interventionist is present during the interview. The team discusses the student’s information and decides whether or not the student is a good fit for Roosevelt and if Roosevelt can meet meets the needs of the student.
  7. Parents are notified of acceptance or non-acceptance either at the end of the interview or by phone call soon after the interview.


A Roosevelt Student ……

  1. Is below grade level in reading and/or math (on rare occasions the student may be functioning on grade level but the parent requests our school because of the structure or social needs of the student)
  2. Thrives in a structured environment
  3. Struggles socially, especially in a large school setting
  4. Has a desire to learn and is respectful of the classroom environment
  5. May lack confidence due to limited success in the traditional school setting


Roosevelt Academy Meets the Needs of the Student….

  1. By providing small classes and individual attention
  2. By using a schoolwide behavior management system that provides a safe/structured learning environment.
  3. By providing a small school where all students are taught to respect one another’s learning disabilities with a zero tolerance for bullying.
  4. By providing caring teachers who understand learning disabilities and strive to find the learning strategy that best fits the student.
  5. By providing students with positive recognitions for even the smallest learning gain as well as for social/emotional growth.


A Student will NOT be Eligible to Attend Roosevelt if:

  1. He/she has had a serious breach of conduct within the current or previous (if in the summer) semester
  2. He/she has been involved in more than one physical/violent type of behavior, to include fighting, self-injury, throwing objects, or any other intentional behavior to harm self or others.