School Policy

Parent/Student Responsibilities

Attendance Information/Policy



Education is important. In order for Roosevelt to help students achieve there must be support from parents and students must want to learn.

  • Students should be in school everyday and be on time. Students who have excessive absences and/or tardies can be withdrawn. A note must be sent to the school upon return for all absences.
  • If teachers assign homework it is an important part of the class and must be completed.
  • Parents should participate in decisions relating to child’s education, i.e. IEP meeting.
  • Students should take all notices/forms home to parents. Parents should read all notices from the school and/or school district and respond, as appropriate.
  • Parents are invited to become an active volunteer.
  • Dress code is mandatory.
    • Students are required to wear a uniform shirt.
    • Shirts must be tucked in and a belt must be worn if there are belt loops.
    • Girls’ shorts and skirts must be at least fingertip length.
    • Flip flops and bedroom slippers are not allowed.
    • Oversized jewelry should not be worn to school.
    • Because of the vocational setting, body piercings on the face are not safe or acceptable.
    • Hats are not allowed.
  • Any item that does not enhance the learning environment and disrupts learning will be confiscated.
    • 1st Offense – Item will be locked up and parent must come to school to pick it up.
    • 2nd Offense – Item will be locked up at school until the end of the semester. If it is not a dangerous item (knife, etc.) it will be returned to the student at that time otherwise a parent must come.
    • 3rd Offense – Item will not be returned but donated to the Lake Wales Care Center. This pertains to cell phones, electronics, hats, and any other thing that distracts from the learning environment.

Code of Conduct