Roosevelt Academy desires to continue to be the ‘saving grace’ of the many ESE students who find that they do not fit into the regular school climate.  It is our vision to be able to continue our employ-ability skills program (that has proven itself so vital in the lives of our graduates) and integrate these skills into the academic curriculum so well that our students graduate with the tools necessary to lead a self-supporting and fulfilling life.


The mission of Roosevelt Academy is to challenge, guide, and prepare all our students for future success in and out of the workplace through an integrated, hands-on curriculum tailored to individual needs.  We work to provide the education necessary to mold productive, tax-paying citizens.  We strive to be the haven of success for those students who have tried and failed using the standard curriculum at the zone school.

School Overview

It is our goal to provide the skills necessary for all of our students to be productive citizens upon graduation. Our student population is comprised of ESE students who choose to come to us because they have not been successful in the traditional school because the focus is primarily academic. The program at Roosevelt is designed to challenge the students to make learning gains in all academic areas, but the real success of the program centers around the behavior management program. We incorporate employ-ability skills into the academic and vocational classes to better equip our students for their future-the world of work. Our teachers individualize the students’ academic program by teaching them on their level as they challenge the students to stretch themselves. Our goal is to help our students build their self-esteem, bring them closer to grade level academically and show them they can be successful.